What Nourishes Your Moon Sign?

Your Moon sign in astrology can give you a lot of information about yourself that you would miss if you only focused on your Sun sign! Below I have written a short introduction to the moon in the elements and in the 12 zodiac signs and what that may tell you about what makes you feel secure, safe, and nourished.

It's best to read about both the element and the zodiac sign of your Moon!

Keep in mind, that other factors besides the zodiac sign of the moon play a role in how your Moon sign manifests in your life. These include: what house the moon is located in, aspects made by other planets to the moon, and the lunar phase you were born under (new moon, 1st quarter moon, full moon, etc.)

Quick reminder: A key difference between your Sun sign and Moon sign are when these signs show themselves in your life. Your Sun sign is the core identity that you will seek to express most of the time, but your moon sign will show itself strongly when you nurture others and yourself, when you need to fill your cup, when you are stressed or anxious, and when you react without thinking. (By doing activities that nurture your moon sign regularly, you can avoid having your cup reach an empty level.)

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An Introduction to Moon Signs
We all know what our Sun sign is in astrology. For example, I’m a Gemini. That’s what I say whenever someone asks me that infamous line, “What’s your sign?” But, as I’ve mentioned before on this blog, we are so much more than our Sun sign (A.K.A. the

Fire Moons

A fire moon feels secure when they have freedom and independence. They desire expansion and exploration, and they have a need to feel inspired, imaginative, and animated. They are nourished when they are with others who can get as joyful and excited as they do about life. Their happiness comes from feeling that they are not restricted, but instead that the world is their oyster! When moon signs of the fire element feel stressed or need to fill their cup, they will feel better by turning to what inspires them, focusing on what they can change, and the options that are available to them.

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Aries Moons

This Moon sign feels most safe and secure when they have the ability to act freely without consulting others or being told that they can't do something. They are nourished through bold, quick action-taking. They enjoy moving swiftly, as well as being 'the best' or being 'the first'.

Leo Moons

Leo moons feel safe and secure with others who give them attention and recognition. They are nourished by acts of affection and appreciation from others, through ways of expressing the self (such as through artistic forms of expression), through acts of generosity to others, and by more traditional forms of entertainment like parties or theatre.

Sagittarius Moons

Sagittarius energy is all about adventure! Sagittarius may feel that a spontaneous adventure or exploration of some sort is just what they need to fill their cup. They may choose to explore on the physical or mental plane. This desire for exploration means Sagittarius may feel safer and happier with minimal responsibilities so that they can make lots of plans for trips. Mentally, Sagittarius moons are nurtured by free-flowing philosophical discussions about life's bigger questions.

Earth Moons

Unlike fire moons, earth moons desire stability and consistency in order to feel safe. They feel secure in unchanging routines and daily rituals. An earth moon feels nourished when focusing on the physical realm or body. Perhaps more than any other moon sign, earth moons will feel unsafe if their emotional life is inconsistent. Unlike air moons, earth moons will not feel secure in the realm of ideas and beliefs. Rather their instinct is to be constructive, realistic, and productive, and their happiness will come from feeling that they are being useful, efficient, or in service to others. These placements also place a high priority on financial stability.

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Taurus Moons

Taurus moons will feel nurtured by smelling nice scents, feeling comforting physical touch (like a massage), eating wonderfully tasting food, hearing nice comforting sounds, or seeing aesthetically pleasing sights (like art or decor). Being in nature or tending to a garden might feel your cup if you're a Taurus moon! You might prefer luxurious activities and items (ya know - shopping, high quality, the finer things in life!)

Virgo Moons

Virgo moons feel safe & secure with others who show that they care by being helpful. Similarly, they are nourished by doing acts of service for others. Particularly, Virgo enjoys doing acts for others that are practical and useful in an earthy way. Virgo also nurtures themself by focusing on their health and body, which can become somewhat of a spiritual or ritual practice.

Capricorn Moons

Capricorn moons feel secure when they are working towards a greater goal or ambition. Safety comes from knowing that they are preparing for the future and taking daily actionable steps. This moon sign enjoys looking ahead but does it in a way that is realistic rather than living with its head in the clouds. They are nourished by ritual, organization, and structure.

Air Moons

An air moon is nourished and feels secure when they are able to communicate with others. Air signs are the most social of the zodiac! When feeling stressed or anxious, speaking with others or writing things down may help an air moon. They enjoy being mentally stimulated and connecting with others through the sharing of ideas. Unlike water moons, air moons prefer ideas and beliefs that are logical and not influenced by emotion. Air moons prioritize clarity and a rational mind when it comes to feeling safe with others.

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Gemini Moons

Gemini feels safe with others who they can safely debate and discuss ideas with. They feel secure with people who can see both sides of the situation. This moon sign feels nourished through lighthearted chatter and playing games with others. Their cup is filled when they are able to do the many activities that they are interested in! On their day off you might find them working on many different things, flitting about to and fro'.

Libra Moons

Libra is known as the relationship sign of the zodiac. They feel secure with close friends and family with who they can engage in fun, intellectual conversations. Libra moons feel nourished in light, airy social situations, and through participating in artistic forms of expression and beauty. This moon sign feels safe when harmony is present in their relationships with others. When that isn't the case, they may take action to try to restore that harmony.

Aquarius Moons

Aquarius moons feel safe & secure with others who can logically detach from their emotions and zoom out to see a greater perspective on their situation. They may feel nourished through activities that help the collective, their community, or society at large. Their cup is often filled when they do something that they perceive to be helping the greater good.

Water Moons

Water moons feel safest and nourished when they experience an exchange of feelings between themself and others. Moon signs of this element can be the most sensitive of the zodiac and have a deep desire for others in their life to understand how they are feeling. Their happiness comes from emotional connections to the people around them or to the world. When feeling stressed, anxious, or in need of filling their cup, an emotional connection and empathy from others will help them feel better.

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Cancer Moons

This Moon sign feels safe and secure when they have a deep sense of belonging such as biological or chosen family, or friend groups. Cancer moons are nourished by helping something grow and watching it thrive over time (this can be with their children, with plants, with a business, etc.). Their instinct is to love and protect something or someone.

Scorpio Moons

Scorpio moons typically feel safe and secure with others who aren't afraid to explore and discuss the darker sides of life. Opening up to a Scorpio moon and sharing your deepest, darkest secrets with them will facilitate that feeling of trust and security (as long as you're not telling everyone else on the block your secrets too.) Scorpio moons feel nurtured by extreme feelings of intimacy with a close loved one. This Moon sign also highly values personal privacy. It's possible that activities of an 'occult' nature may nourish a Scorpio moon, as well as digging into human psychology or anything of an investigative nature.

Pisces Moons

This Moon sign feels safe and secure when they have a philosophical or spiritual belief about the world. They feel nourished when looking at the bigger picture of life. Conversely, Pisces moons have a need for an escape or retreat of some kind. This can mean spending time daydreaming, exploring their imaginal world, or getting lost in a book, tv show, or movie. Pisces moons feel safe and secure when life feels like a wondrous, magical place.

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