Boost Your Manifestation Abilities: A Beginner's Guide for Working the Moon Phases

People have been harnessing the power of the moon for thousands of years. It is a powerful tool for manifesting our dreams into reality.

Boost Your Manifestation Abilities: A Beginner's Guide for Working the Moon Phases
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The Luminaries in Astrology

First, let's get into the basics of the lunar cycle. The Sun and moon in astrology are known as 'luminaries' AKA givers of light. They do a dance with each other that begins roughly every month (29.5 days) for the rest of the cosmos to see. The sun shines its amazingly bright rays, while the moon reflects this light outward for all of us to see. The luminaries form a cycle of geometric relationships with each other in the sky. This causes different visual appearances of the moon from our perspective here on Earth.

The moon's reflection of the sun's rays throughout the lunar cycle causes an increase in light during the first half of the cycle (The Waxing Phase) and a decrease in light during the second half of the cycle (The Waning Phase). A good way to think about these separate parts of the lunar cycle is the Chinese concept of Yang and Yin, respectively.

Astrology is a symbolic language and all of the celestial bodies (for astrologers and cosmic believers) are representative of different parts of the collective human psyche. Here's a quick review of the sun & moon.

The Sun represents our ego, our conscious identity, our life purpose, the way we desire to outwardly express ourselves, and the developmental path we will take on this human journey

The Moon represents our emotions, our needs, our unconscious identity, our physical body, our habitual patterns, and our inner intuitive voice.

The lunar cycle is symbolic of our conscious and unconscious realities interacting with each other on a regular basis.

Manifestation & Moon Magic

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Working consciously with lunar energy to set goals, plan for the future, take action steps, and take time for rest can be a powerful way to achieve our goals more quickly. Additionally, this can help us lead a more balanced life that values BOTH productivity & action as well as rest & reflection.

Aligning with the energy of the cosmos makes the difference in feeling like you are running uphill vs. running downhill.

Of course, hard work over time almost always leads to a payoff, regardless of being conscious of the cosmic energies that are at play. BUT, you can feel more at ease and feel less resistance on the journey to your dreams by harnessing the power of moon magic!

No fancy rituals are required. Just knowledge of where we are at any given moment in the lunar cycle and what the energy at that time is aligned for.

You may already be attuned to the powerful energy of the lunar cycle and this guide may explain why you feel that you have more or less energy to work toward your goals on certain days.