What Your Dominant Element Says About You

What Your Dominant Element Says About You
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Most people know what their 'sign' is. This is known to astrologers as the Sun Sign AKA the sign that the Sun was in at the time of your birth. You have probably even read some characteristics of your sign. But few people know that many of these characteristics come from the element of your sign. This element is likely very dominant in your personality and embodying that element can help you feel happier, more fulfilled, and more purposeful in your day-to-day life.

"Each element represents a basic kind of energy and consciousness that operates within each of us...All four are in every person, although each person is consciously more attuned to some types of energy than others." Stephen Arroyo - Astrology, Psychology, and The Four Elements

What does each element symbolize?

Think about the elements as symbolizing different components of human nature or different functions in the psyche. The fire element in astrology represents the part of human nature that seeks to form an identity. The fire energy inside all of us drives us to be free, completely ourselves, and independent. The earth element motivates us to work with the material world. It's what drives us to manifest things into reality, to survive, produce, and build security. The air element represents the realm of ideas and concepts. Air energy propels us to come up with ideas and share those ideas with others. It's all about thinking! The water element in astrology represents the feeling and emotional nature of humanity. This is the part of us that is being expressed when we want to get all up in our feelings and bond emotionally with others. Contemplating the nature of the four elements can help us understand the motivations and needs of the 12 zodiac signs.

Fire Element Characteristics

Fire seeks to ascend and expand. It can be damn hot! You have to be careful or you WILL get burned. Not to mention, it will spread if the conditions are right. On the other hand, fire can be incredibly warming and just what you need on a cozy night. I mean, it was the ONLY thing that kept us warm for a long time. (Other than the Sun of course). It has been a gathering place of human beings since the beginning of time where we eat, share stories, laugh, and enjoy each other's company.

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Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Your fire-dominant friends might have a lot of energy! They can be very childlike and playful. You can feel a natural warmth or heat in their energy field. Fire signs can develop great faith in themselves and may operate from gut instincts and flashes of insight or inspiration. This excitable energy can at times be overwhelming as they are probably seeking to share it with others. Other times, that energy is just what you need to get pumped up or feel inspired! Remember, fire sign energy is all about identity. Think life force energy and outward expression of creativity. A focus on being completely yourself comes with a natural tendency to be direct and honest. Maybe a little too honest, sometimes. Dare I say, fiery?

Fire Sign Traits: bold, courageous, animated, energized, assertive, aggressive, independent, confident, inspirational, optimistic, impatient

Earth Element Characteristics

The ground, nature, and plant life. The element of Earth is everything we stand on. It enables us to create shelter and grow food. This element encompasses all things material and resource related. It can be softer or moldable like clay and mud. Or it can be hard and solid, like rock solid. (See what I did there?) The point is, we use it to build and make things.

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Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

The primary concern of those who are strongly resonant with the element of Earth is everything material-related. And, that's not a bad thing! We live in a material world. Earth-dominant personalities understand this to their core. The most important things and motivating factors for these signs are security and resources. Earth-dominant people can be very matter-of-fact. With so much focus on the tangible world, they might be the ones to burst your bubble and tell you that you're not being realistic. But, after they do, they will probably help you come up with a more PRACTICAL plan that will work out better in the long run and has the potential for sustainability and growth. Talk about being grounded.

Earth Sign Traits: sensible, realistic, material-focused, resourceful, consistent, down-to-earth, skeptical, productive, patient, intentional, steadfast

Air Element Characteristics

Air seeks movement. It is always surrounding us, whether we are outside or inside. It also tends to rise and take up space. We can't physically see air, but we know it's there. Sometimes we feel a rush of wind on our cheeks. We can see the leaves on the ground are picked up and carried somewhere else. And then, it's gone.

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Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Air-dominant people are some of the most social of the zodiac. They need to communicate and share ideas with others. They carry different ideas from person to person, much like the leaves spreading on the ground. Thoughts come and go, just like the rush of wind on our cheeks. You might notice people with a strong air essence frequently asking you questions or enquiring what you think about something. Air-dominant personalities have a knack for stepping back from a situation (like wayyyy back). When you see from a high point of view, much like the hot air balloons in this picture, things sure do look different. They operate from an analytical mind that seeks to reason with others. But with all of that intellectualizing and conceptualizing, air signs might get spacey or stuck in the realm of theories and may struggle to move past the planning stage. It's hard to keep up with all of those flowing thoughts and ideas!

Air Sign Traits: curious, social, objective, rational, logical, idea-focused, detached, witty, erratic, impartial

Water Element Characteristics

All water, whether starting in a river, lake, or stream, is always flowing toward the ocean. Very rarely, is water still. Even when it looks still, currents are brewing underneath. Water fills whatever container it is placed in. When you add to a body of water (like filling up a bathtub), it is impossible to know which drops are new and which were already there. It all just becomes one.

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Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

There is a common theme among the water signs of seeking oneness or unity with a greater whole. Water-dominant personalities may have a desire or tendency to merge with others. They can be very attuned to the energy of the people around them. Having a conscious attunement to the feeling nature of yourself and others is both, a blessing and a curse. Water-dominant people can have such a comforting vibe. Like that friend who just sits with you and listens, without making any suggestions about what you should do. But just like the ocean, these signs can have emotional undercurrents that are brewing beneath the surface. They flow like water itself. Somedays it's high tide. On other days it's low tide. More than the other elements, water signs of the zodiac should be wary of taking on the energy of others.

Water Sign Traits: sensitive, empathetic, emotional, compassionate, nurturing, fluid, weepy, deep, unrevealed, easily-influenced

How To Find Your Dominant Element

Your Sun sign gives us an idea of what your dominant element in astrology is. But keep in mind, we contain all 12 zodiac signs somewhere in our natal chart. Therefore, we all contain the energies of each of these four elements. This post is just a short introduction to the elements of astrology and what they represent. There are SO many ways to think about the symbolism and imagery of the elements and how it relates to the characteristics, motivations, and needs of the 12 zodiac signs. Not to mention, this is just ONE gateway to understanding the energy of the signs. There is ALWAYS more to consider when looking at a whole birth chart. If the qualities of your zodiac sign's element don't resonate with you, there might be another dominant element in your chart.