Astrology Transits 101

An effective and simple way to use astrology.

Tracking the Sun Through the Houses of Your Birth Chart

If you've been following me online for a while now or you've met me in person, then you may know that one of my favorite things to do is to show others how to use simple astrological techniques in the same way that I do.

So with this post, I'll teach you a super simple technique that even astro newbies can employ to allow astrology to guide them.

But first, I'll start with a couple of questions:

Have you ever noticed that during certain times of the year, you tend to engage in specific activities or focus on a specific part of your life? Do you notice habitual mindset shifts that occur at the same time each year, sometimes without fail? I'm not talking about the typical 'new year, new you' or your yearly spring cleaning rituals. (Even though those collective patterns have their astrological correlations as well.) What I'm talking about is patterns that are specific to YOU.

Let me explain what I mean and the regular celestial occurrence associated with these patterns.

Monthly Energetic Shifts

One of the easiest and most practical ways to use astrology is to notice visible patterns in your life that align with the sun's movement through the 12 signs each year. Each month, the sun shifts into a new zodiac sign and a new 'house' of your birth chart (depending on which house system you use). Paying attention to this will help you track repeated themes that come up at the same time each year.

As a collective, we all feel the shift of the sun into a new sign. The themes that sign become emphasized and supported energetically. However, that sign lands in a different house in each person's birth chart. Zodiac signs keep astrology general, while houses make astrology personal.

I'll use Leo season as an example to explain what I mean here:

During Leo season, the overall energy of the collective trends toward more upbeat, and enthusiastic. The energy is supportive of prioritizing creativity, authenticity, and building self-love.

However, the house that Leo rules in your chart might also mean that for you Leo season is about prioritizing money, income, possessions, and values. (This would be typical of Cancer rising charts or charts with Leo in the 2nd house.)

Cancer rising chart - (note the 1 for 1st house) with Leo in the 2nd house.

For others, Leo season means romance, hobbies, activities with children, and passion projects. (This would be typical of Aries rising charts or charts with Leo in the 5th house.)

Aries rising chart - (note the 1 for 1st house) with Leo in the 5th house.

For some, Leo season might include the prioritization of family, parents, home life, and house projects. (This would be typical of Taurus rising charts or charts with Leo in the 4th house).

Taurus rising chart - (note the 1 for 1st house) with Leo in the 4th house.

But others may actually feel like being secluded, working behind the scenes, or doing charity work during Leo season. (This would be typical of Virgo rising charts or charts with Leo in the 12th house).

Virgo rising chart - (note the 1 for 1st house) with Leo in the 12th house.
So as you can see, we may be drawn to certain activities each year during certain zodiac seasons. This will all depend on what zodiac sign rules what house in your individual birth chart!

The Helm of Your Life

So hopefully you've realized that to use this technique, you need to know your rising sign and/or the placement of different signs in the houses of your birth chart.

The ascendant sign AKA the rising sign is so hugely important to your personality, life experience, and vitality. It literally cannot be over-emphasized! Ancient astrologers called this sign in the birth chart the helm of the ship, meaning it is the guide and steersperson of your life. In a very simple way, this sign can also guide your year.

It is from the foundation of our rising sign, that we can see what topics and activities are more supported at any given time of the year.

So let's expand on a few of the charts above with examples of activities that you may be interested in when the sun goes through different parts of your birth chart.

Example: you are a Taurus rising.

So, during Leo season, you shift to a mindset of considering home improvements or decorations. You find that you want to meet up with your family members a lot more, call your parents, or even dive into your family history a little. Overall your mental space is more concerned with home and family life because the fourth house of any astrological natal chart is associated with home and family matters.

Meanwhile, during Scorpio season, the Sun travels through the 7th house of your natal chart. So, you become more concerned with one-on-one relationships. Your mental space becomes more occupied with business and romantic partners. You want to spend more time with these partnerships and find out if they are serious or not.

Example: you are an Aries rising.

As mentioned above, during Leo season, the Sun travels through your 5th house. You find that you want to place a greater emphasis on the hobbies and things that you love to do. You want to be more creative and express yourself more. Your mental space could also be more occupied with your children or any future children you want to have. You may also be feeling more romantic and wanting to spice things up in your relationships or go on fun dates.

Meanwhile, during Gemini season, the Sun travels the 3rd house of your natal chart. You find yourself out and about around your neighborhood more or going on trips in your state. You also feel more concerned with connecting with siblings, cousins, and neighbors. Your mental space could be more occupied with learning, communicating, and teaching. This could be learning a new skill, teaching a workshop, giving a presentation, or writing more.

The 12 Astrological Houses

This technique works best when you know what the 12 houses represent in astrology. I'll link a post for you here where I briefly go into what the houses represent. After clicking this post, you can scroll down to the section titled: "What do the 12 Houses Represent?"

Ascendant Ruler in the Houses
Instructions on how to find your ascendant ruler in your birth chart and why it’s relevant!

This is definitely not an end-all-be-all resource for the houses. Astrologers have written entire books on the 12 houses in astrology. There's a lot to them, but just having a general overview will allow any beginner to get started with this technique.

Then you can see astrology in action and watch it working in your personal life! ✨

Finding Your Birth Chart

If you don't have your natal chart memorized, there are so many ways for you to quickly access it. If you've had an astrology reading from me, then you should have a copy of your chart. There are also many apps and free websites that you can use to quickly access your natal chart. I always recommend the CHANI app from astrologer Chani Nicholas to beginners. and Chani's site are easy & free websites to get your natal chart from.

If you're an intermediate astrology student or lover, then you know that there are so many resources out there to learn about the houses in astrology. I'm happy to suggest books and other astrologers to learn from for anyone interested.

Image by [email protected] from Pixabay

I hope that this technique helps you to plan your life more consciously and honor your natural rhythms in the same way that I do! (Well, I try to anyway)... πŸ˜…

Astrology reminds us that we are cyclical creatures. Everything in our lives from big transitions to smaller habits and patterns has its divine timing.

What questions do you have about this technique? What would you love for me to write about next? Do you want more horoscopes? Celebrity chart breakdowns? Basics of the planets? Mythology? Send me an email to let me know or comment down below. 🌞