What House is Your Ascendant Ruler in?

Instructions on how to find your ascendant ruler in your birth chart and why it's relevant!

This post is all about the 'house placement' of your ascendant ruling planet (AKA your ascendant ruler or rising sign ruler.) In traditional astrology, this planet was known to represent you!

The activities of the astrological "house" where this planet is placed are central to your life development, happiness, and fulfillment, and leaning into those activities is going to get you where you're meant to go and where you want to go.

Before we dive in, it may be helpful to check out a couple of my previous posts... Especially if your first thoughts were: "What does she mean by house and wth is an ascendant ruler?"

Components of a Birth Chart
Planets, signs, and houses are the components of an astrology birth chart. The 12 zodiac signs represent energy signatures.
Ascendant Ruler Meaning
The ruling planet of your ascendant was once considered to represent YOU in your birth chart. Now it is considered the all-important guide on your journey.

The Importance of the Ascendant Ruler's House

The house that has your ascendant ruling planet is a very important piece of your birth chart. It represents activities that are extremely important for you to feel fulfilled in this lifetime and to find success- whatever success means to you! I also believe that when you consciously engage in the activities of these houses, opportunities will present themselves to you.

Don't get it twisted though - just because this is an important battle arena of life does not mean we are born masters in this area. However, we can become masters in this area because it represents activities that will just feel extremely important to us. You won't always excel in these activities and you might actually have large ups and downs in this area of your life, but it will always be something that you come back to over and over again.

Overall, you're going to find that the activities represented by this part of your birth chart are always going to be prevalent in your life. The activities of this house will lessen in importance during certain phases, but they will always come back! The qualities of the specific zodiac sign in this part of your chart will also need to be cultivated over time.

As one of my astrology instructors always says: where we have planets placed in the birth chart is where we have major lessons in this lifetime. So the house and part of your chart that contains your ascendant ruling planet is an area of life that you are consistently learning lessons in.

Spiritually we can think about it this way - we are really really meant to grow in that part of our chart. Oftentimes, we willingly place ourselves in situations that are represented by the topics of that specific astrological house. You might feel an inner desire or unexplainable urge to engage in those activities or you might repeat patterns in those areas of life.

It's like gravity pulls us back into the themes and activities represented by the ascendant ruling planet and where it is placed.

Okay so now we understand the importance of the topic. And now you're thinking: "Well how do I figure out my ascendant ruler's house placement?"

Lucky for you, I've got a checklist for you here and some example pics down below!

  1. First, you need to know your ascendant sign or rising sign! (This zodiac sign is a super dominant part of your personality and outward behavior.)
  2. After you know that, you can check down below to find its planetary ruler.
  3. Next, you'll look in your birth chart to see which 'house' the ascendant ruler falls in. (see example pictures below)
  4. Lastly, simply check the general overview of astrological house meanings down below to contemplate how this astrological placement has played out in your life!