Intro to Pluto in Astrology

Pluto basics & mythology story time.

Let's do a mini dive into the realm of Pluto this week! Per usual, this is not an exhaustive all-out list of everything this planet (or should I say dwarf planet...) represents in modern astro circles. But this will be a pretty good introduction to the planet overall with some bite-size info for you to enjoy.

So, let's jump right in!

Pluto's Meaning in Astrology

Here are some key takeaways to note for both the placement of pluto in your natal chart and for things you may experience when undergoing a significant Pluto transit (i.e. pluto is making a tight aspect to another planet in your natal chart, or Pluto is transiting through an important sign/house in your natal chart).

  1. Pluto demands that we confront our ENTIRE being. Sometimes this means looking at shadow parts of our nature or past that we are repressing or denying and have not integrated into our psyche. Other times this means seeing our true potential and power which we may have been denying or have been afraid to see in ourselves. 
  2. Pluto demands that we transcend our ego by releasing attachments to people, careers, things, etc. which we have come to overidentify with.
  3. Pluto brings out extreme tendencies in the collective that are relevant to or associated with the zodiac sign that it is transiting through. This leads to major societal transformation.
  4. On a personal note, Pluto ushers in major crises, transformation and regeneration in the topics of the associated house it is transiting through (moving in real-time) in your individual natal chart.
  5. Both Pluto transits and Pluto in the birth chart may show where we are learning lessons about obsession, control, power, and empowerment.

If you need a reminder of what the houses represent in astrology, checkout the post below and scroll down to find a short list with some basic topics for each house. You'll want to check your individual birth chart to see what house Pluto is located in. Then reflect on how these Plutonian themes have been part of a bigger life story in the activities of the associated house.

Ascendant Ruler in the Houses
Instructions on how to find your ascendant ruler in your birth chart and why it’s relevant!

If you have a more intermediate understanding of astrology and transiting planets, then you can look to where Pluto is transiting now and do the same thing! You'll want to check the house that aligns with the sign of Aquarius in your birth chart. (Although, those themes will be much harder to see at this point in time. You might gain a deeper understanding of Pluto by looking to the house where the zodiac sign of Capricorn is located and reflecting on the transformation of those associated house activities over the last 20 years.)

This post will be helpful as you do that:

What are astrological transits and horoscopes?
Astrologers have specific tools in their cosmic toolbox that enable them to make general predictions about important themes that come up in your life during certain periods.

If you need a copy of your astrological birth chart, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] and I will be happy to provide you with one.

Remember that a good chunk of astrological symbolism comes from myths. And who doesn't love a good story? We can find themes of the associated planet and the lessons it is meant to teach us through the rich imagery in mythology.

One of my favorite myths I've come across in my astrological studies is the story of Hercules and the Hydra. I've summarized the main points for you below. If you're interested in how I was introduced to this story, then a great book for you to check out is "The Gods of Change" by Howard Sasportas. Although, I am sure there are other versions of this myth floating around out there...(that's usually what happens through generations of story-telling, isn't it?) Even so, a different version of this myth will contain the same overarching theme or lesson.

The Myth of Hercules & the Hydra