Pedro Pascal's Astrology: Sun Sign & Moon Sign

Pedro Pascal's Astrology: Sun Sign & Moon Sign
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Since I started my love affair with astrology, I have been guilty of looking at my phone whenever I'm watching a movie or TV show. I never did this before, but my astrology obsession has me looking at the birth charts of any main character in anything I watch. I LITERALLY cannot wait until the program is over before I do. I can't help myself. It's utterly amazing how much a person's astrology can come through in the roles and characters they portray.

Often an exact birth time is not available online (and I can understand why that is, I mean privacy right?). But sometimes, there is an exact time online or an interview where said person has divulged their astrology info. If an exactly timed birth chart is not available, we can still learn a lot and see the character come through with even just a small amount of information.

Let's take a look at what we know about the astrology of Pedro Pascal. You may know him from Game of Thrones, Star Wars: The Mandalorian, and most recently HBO's television adaptation of the videogame The Last of Us.

Pedro Pascal's Sun Sign: Aries

Pedro Pascal has his sun in the fiery sign of Aries. We learn a lot about the signs through their planetary rulers and their associated mythologies. Aries is ruled by none-other-than the Roman God of War, Mars. Mars is often called the planet of action by astrologers. In our psyche, it represents our ability to assert ourselves, go after what we want, compete with others, and engage in conflict. Typical Aries traits are bravery, courage, and independence.

The energy of Mars is without a doubt, present on any battlefield and is a pretty big deal in the chart of anyone you'd call a winner.
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Pedro Pascal's Moon Sign: Capricorn

According to Pedro himself, his moon is in the responsible, dedicated sign of Capricorn, which is ruled by the planet Saturn, also known as the God of time and karma. Capricorn is associated with the archetypal father figure. Capricorns are usually described as protective, ambitious, disciplined providers. They tend to be more pessimistic and serious than other zodiac signs. As an earth sign, Capricorn is concerned with reality and the material world.

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Pedro Pascal's Character Astrology

The Last of Us

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I'm a fan of the new hit drama series The Last of Us, where the world has gone through a pandemic and been overrun by undead fungus creatures. And I have to say, WOW, does that Marsy archetype come through strong in Pedro's character "Joel." I mean, he's pretty much a badass throughout the entire show, killing these creatures left and right (and anyone that tries to get in his way, I might add). He's such a pro at it, that he ends up being a young girl's bodyguard and has to protect both himself and her! This is one of the finer qualities of the Mars archetype. Protecting and defending those who can't do for themselves.

But like all planets and signs, the energy of both Mars & Aries have shadow characteristics as well. One of these is the quality of looking out solely for number one (selfishness). If you watch the show, you know this comes out in some of Joel's not so shining moments. (But I mean the world is ending, can you blame the man?) In the show, Joel protects and provides for his daughter, played by Nico Parker, and "Ellie", played by Bella Ramsey.

Saturn is all about hard work and mastery over time. It's the planet associated with teaching us major life lessons and the cold, harsh facts of life. It's also associated with long-lasting things. 

Hello! Did you catch the title of the show? I must admit, if there ever was an apocalypse, I'm counting on this Saturn-ruled sign to outlast a lot of the others. They have a cautious nature that makes them pretty suspicious of others and unlikely to trust just about anyone. That Saturnian, glass-half-empty nature means that they are always imagining and preparing for the worst-case scenario.

This is annoying when you're happy and everything is all good, but you'll be thankful for Capricorns when the undead fungus creatures come for you in the middle of the night and your Saturnian partner has a game plan all figured out.

Perfect Combo for a Zombie Show

What do you get when you combine a forceful battering ram (Aries) with an enduring, resolute mountain goat (Capricorn)? The perfect combo for a zombie show, that's what. As cardinal signs, Aries & Capricorn are both extremely determined on their path forward. Both of these signs are known for not showing too much emotion and definitely not wanting to be or appear weak. They are direct, honest, and upfront when they communicate, although their motivations are different. Aries believe that they have nothing to hide and want to stay true to themselves whereas Capricorns want to keep it real ALWAYS, even when the truth hurts. Martian Aries will do whatever it takes to survive and Saturnian Capricorn knows how to plan for the long game and outlast everyone else around.

Let's just say, the directors nailed it when they cast this guy.

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