Celebrity Birth Charts: Vin Diesel's Astrology Breakdown

The major archetypes and planetary energies of Vin Diesel's birth chart come through really strongly in the role he plays as Dominic Toretto in the Fast & Furious franchise.

Celebrity Birth Charts: Vin Diesel's Astrology Breakdown
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Buckle up, guys. (pun intended) I've got a fun one for you this week. You may have seen some previous posts of mine where I delved into the astrology of actors, actresses, and the roles they play in TV and movies.

I'm a practicing astrologer who learns an enormous amount from courses, books, podcasts, and simply from the people around me as I observe their personalities and behavior, and watch certain events unfold in their lives.

(You know I have the birth chart of everyone around me saved in my astrology software for immediate accessibility in my handy dandy app.)

But, another, interesting and enjoyable way to learn astrology comes from insights into characters in your favorite films and TV shows! It may sound crazy, but you can very obviously see the archetypes of certain planets, zodiac signs, and even astrological aspects, of a celebrity's real-life birth chart playing out right in front of your eyes on the big screen.

These themes and characteristics are likely to be present in the celebrity's real-life personality and psyche. But, tv and movies are dramatized for us in a way that we can easily observe the extremes of a sign and planet that would most likely be a lot more toned down and moderate in real life. (I mean, real life does get boring sometimes.)

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This week I felt driven to write about the king of the wildly successful franchise series "The Fast and the Furious": Vin Diesel, better known as his character 'Dominic Toretto'.

And how fitting this is, during Leo season. (This zodiac sign is represented by the King of The Jungle.) The fun-loving lion and lionesses of the zodiac have long been associated with stage life, and are just always down to have a good time! So let's indulge them this week with a little astrology education from the world of entertainment.

Vin Diesel's Full Astrological Birth Chart

I was watching the newest movie in this franchise this weekend, "Fast X", and found myself thinking:

"I would bet someone $500 right now that Vin Diesel's zodiac sign is Cancer."

Well, what do you know? Let's take a look at his chart shall we:

Vin Diesel Natal July 18, 1967 @ 3:35 pm (UTC-7.00) Alameda, CA, USA Timezone: America/Los_Angeles 37° 46' 47" N -122° 16' 55" W Tropical, Geocentric, Whole Sign 

Vin Diesel's Zodiac Sign: Cancer

In every single movie in this franchise, you can find good ol' Vinny (AKA Dom) saying: "Family is everything", "Without family you have nothing", and "I just wanna protect the people I love". (I hope you read that in your most intense & dramatic voice ever). I mean he says it over and over and over again! It's kinda his thing.

In astrology, Cancer is the zodiac sign most known for prioritizing family over everything. This doesn't mean that if you're not a Cancer, family isn't important or that all Cancers love their families.

But there is a preoccupation with family, that the energetic signature of Cancer represents.

Remember all of the Zodiac signs represent different energy signatures and preoccupations with different facets of life. We all have all 12 zodiac signs somewhere in our chart so we have all 12 energy signatures somewhere within us. But, the orientation of the planets in these different signs, when you were born, represents the degree to which you are preoccupied with certain facets of life and the extremity to which certain energies are present in your psyche. 
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Cancer is the zodiac sign of nurturing, and protecting the things and people you love, as well as giving all of your energy to something as you watch it grow over time. This sign is ruled by the Moon, which represents the mother in astrology. Whether it be a biological family or chosen family, the characteristics of support and protection are strongly present in the psyche of Cancer placements. Cancer is also a tenacious cardinal sign. This is an enterprising energy that desires action-taking and starting new projects.

Vin Diesel's Moon Sign: Sagittarius

Ahh. Sagittarius. No surprise here as this is the adventurer of the zodiac.

Sagittarius is an energy signature that represents broadening the horizons through travel, learning, and finding meaning in life by believing in something bigger than yourself.

I don't know how many countries Vin Diesel has been to, but Dominic Torretto sure has flown all over the world! This energy also represents an interest in cultures that are different from our own. I find it interesting, but not coincidental, that this franchise literally takes us all over the world and has musically diverse soundtracks! Even though his Cancer Sun sign is on a conscious journey to learn about home & family, his Sagittarius moon sign symbolizes a restless inner desire for freedom, excitement, and travel escapades.

Sagittarius is also the philosopher of the zodiac. As mentioned above, there is a desire with this energy to think about those broad over-arching life questions that bring many people to religion and spirituality. (More on this down below: under Vin Diesel's Neptune.) Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter which begs us to ask the question: What does it all mean? Why are we here? This planet sits at the top of Diesel's birth chart in the area represented by career, fame, and higher purpose.

Image by Dorothe from Pixabay

Vin Diesel's Rising Sign: Scorpio

Another thing that strikes me about Vin Diesel's character 'Dom' is the intensity. Mannnnn, those eyes are like daggers when he's in a stare-down with any of the antagonists in these storylines.

The energetic signature of Scorpio is one of depth, intensity, and intimacy.

You may often find people who vibrate strongly to this energy exhibiting one of two behavior patterns.

1. This depth and intensity lead to someone who is fairly private, quiet, and reserved, not one for small talk or classic extroversion.

2. These qualities lead to someone who is provoking in conversation, oversharing, going really deep in convos, and sharing private information with someone they've just met.

The common denominator between the above behavior patterns is the motivation to always go deep in conversation, not surface level. Dominic Toretto clearly illustrates the first of these typical types in his movies. He does not like strangers, he is pretty serious and intense most of the time, he minds his own business, and he appreciates when other people mind theirs!

Image by Dorothe from Pixabay
Scorpio is a fixed water sign that favors deep emotional bonds. This sign is ruled by Mars: the God of war, assertion, motivation, and drive. A fixed, Mars-ruled zodiac sign imparts extreme qualities of perseverance, persistence, and completion.

Major go-getter energy. The job will get done. It must have been a Scorpio who said: "Where there's a will, there's a way." Obstacles be damned.

Vin Diesel's Neptune

Something else I noticed in Dominic Toretto, is the major emphasis his character has on faith, religion, spirituality, or whatever you want to call it. You can find him numerous times throughout the franchise, clutching & kissing his cross necklace, and saying "You gotta have faith." It's clear from the very first movie that Dominic Toretto believes in God and lives his life by a spiritual code that you have to have faith when you can't immediately see your path to success.

Photo 26923248 © Gregory King | Dreamstime.com

Well, Vin Diesel has what we in the astrology world like to call, a very strong Neptune. When he was born, this planet was sitting right next to his Scorpio rising sign. This means that he is truly being guided by Neptune in his life. There is a deep intensity and fixity to his religious or spiritual beliefs.

This planet symbolizes sensitivity, spirituality, ideals, and creativity. You will find this planet and/or Jupiter to be strong in many religious and spiritual leaders. Neptune also symbolizes illusions, delusions, and the intangible world.

I personally find this really funny because the thought that he and the team will make it out okay seem like an utter delusion when it's crunch time in every movie. Of course, it is a movie after all, but only a Neptunian person could make a 20-year living and a 200+ million dollar franchise out of these delusional moments of grandeur.

Vin Diesel's Uranus & Pluto in Virgo

It's fair to say that Dom is also a rebel who does whatever the hell he wants in these movies, never concerned about legalities, and always with a group of friends. Well, he's got Uranus and Pluto sitting next to each other in the area of his chart ruled by group associations, collaboration, and team efforts. These planets formed an important 90-degree geometric relationship with Vin Diesel's Sagittarius moon when he was born, known as a square.

If I lost you there, just know that this astrological aspect symbolizes a huge growth edge in his life in regards to what Uranus & Pluto represent. He feels an inner, restless drive to work through the major below themes.

Uranus is the God of rebellion, revolution, freedom, and complete abandonment of the rules. Pluto's domain is power, control, extremity, secrets, corruption, and just generally the shadow side of humanity.
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This is the perfect placement for a rag-tag group of misfits who hijack criminals and sometimes work hand-in-hand with law-enforcement members who are willing to go underground literally and figuratively to get the job done. The team in these movies (although, arguably anti-heroes themselves) are often up against even seedier characters from the underbelly of society. There are many battles for power, a lot of violence, and often characters that have been able to evade law enforcement, but are finally exposed and captured by the team. (And they participate in their own law-breaking themselves.)

Image by Peter Lomas from Pixabay

Interestingly enough, these planets are sitting in the part of Vin Diesel's chart occupied by the zodiac sign Virgo. This sign's energy teaches us about the importance of service to others. There are many times throughout the franchise where the team is working to save regular ol' people, from certain doom by the greater villains in the storyline. (One of these situations happens in the latest movie.) They also live by their own moral code to leave the innocents out of it and you frequently find Dom putting his own life on the line and doing major stunts to save the lives of innocent bystanders.

On another note, if Virgo had a motto it might be: "The Devil is in the details."

The success of the team is often found in big, elaborate plans with numerous details where everything has to go just perfectly to plan and is timed out by the millisecond.

Of course, there is always a hitch in the plan and something always goes wrong, but I digress.

Final Thoughts

There is honestly so much more I could say about this chart and the themes that come through in this entire franchise! We've barely scratched the surface. It's amazing and amusing all of the cosmic associations that are there from planetary aspects to astrological houses that represent certain areas of life. But these are some of the main ones that immediately stuck out to me while watching the latest movie! As someone who has been watching these movies since I was a child, I feel like I know Dominic Toretto pretty well.

If you haven't seen my other posts on celebrity astrology in popular movies and tv shows, I'll link them here!

What tv shows & films are you loving right now and who shall I write about next? Comment down below!
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