Breaking Down Brian Cox's Astrology: Logan Roy in the HBO hit series "Succession"

Brian Cox's real-life birth chart placements come alive in the fictional character, Logan Roy, in the golden-globe winning series "Succession".

Breaking Down Brian Cox's Astrology: Logan Roy in the HBO hit series "Succession"
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Did you know that actors, actresses, directors, producers, musicians, writers, etc. often showcase characteristics and traits in their respective art forms that are present in their real-life birth charts?

Let's get into the chart of the ultra-upper class TV dad and his despicable family - they are so easy to hate - Logan Roy played by long-time actor Brian Cox in the HBO hit series Succession.

A Quick But Necessary Disclaimer

Just because an actor or actress displays detestable qualities in a TV show or film role doesn't mean that they possess those shadow qualities in their real life, although they could... And the same goes for redeeming qualities.

Every single planetary placement that exists (meaning planets in zodiac signs, planets aspecting each other, or planets placed in certain astrological houses) can manifest in multiple different ways in real life.

Everything in the birth chart reflects a potential, not a certainty. We still have choices, socio-cultural conditioning, trauma, and other factors affecting us.

If you have planets in the below-discussed zodiac signs or share similar placements, I am by no means saying that you possess these qualities or are involved in the same activities in the same way. We're talking about a fictional show here (although, it scarily reflects real life) with fictional characters. So, try and keep that in mind.

Look. TV shows and movies are one of my favorite ways to zone out (binge queen speaking here) and this is also just a really fun way to learn astrology. The archetypes of certain planets, zodiac signs, and astrological houses are constantly playing out right in front of your eyes in fictional characters. This is meant to be fun. It is not meant to dig at anybody's real character.

Don't get me wrong though- these archetypes can play out in our real-life experiences, but that doesn't mean a specific character flaw or terrible situation is guaranteed to manifest.

Now, without further ado, let's get into it!

Natal Chart of Brian Cox

Brian Cox Natal June 1, 1946 @ 2:15 pm (UTC+1.00) Dundee, UK Timezone: Europe/London 56° 27' 43" N -2° 58' 14" W Tropical, Geocentric, Whole Sign

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Brian Cox's Sun Sign

Big Gemini Energy: News & Journalism

How utterly unsurprised I was when I first pulled up Brian Cox's real astrological birth chart and I saw alllla that Gemini energy. Gemini is the messenger of the zodiac and it's a very Geminian thing to love information and to want to share with others.

Logan Roy is the head-jerk-in-charge of a giant corporation with many different sectors. However, one of the largest sectors is a division of news networks. Gemini is associated with news, journalism, data, and information of all kinds. (Now, it's debatable whether the news sector of his giant corporation actually shared any real valid information with its viewers, but that is the way his giant company, ATN got its start.)

I found in a little bit of research, aka a quick Google search of Brian Cox, that in his real life, he has begun teaching acting. So not only is he an actor himself, but he has found a purpose in teaching that to others. That is a VERY Gemini thing.

But back to Logan Roy.

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10th house planets

Career Driven Power Games & Commanding Authority

All of these 10th-house planets make so much sense for this character. The 10th house in astrology encompasses activities that deal with career, purpose, and reputation. Planets in this house often reflect someone who is extremely career, or legacy-focused, concerned about their reputation and how they are perceived or is in search of their life purpose. This house also deals with fame, public visibility, power, and authority figures. This can manifest through a command of authority and power or as rebellion against authority and power. (Duh, Logan Roy does both of those.)

Gemini is a sign that in its very nature can be childlike, youthful, and enjoys games. The very worst combination of these qualities is someone who uses their power and influence to play games with others. There's a pretty awful example of this in season 2, ep. 3.

I'll leave a lovely clip for you all to watch here..

Succession clip - Boar on the Floor!

Gemini is under the domain of Mercury, the planet of information, communication, and commerce. With Mercury in the 10th house in the sign of Gemini, this suggests that information and data are tools to be used at Logan's disposal in his career and in the pursuit of power. Logan Roy uses his news networks as weapons against the president of the United States when he decides to lower the president's approval ratings by having information spun in a specific way.