Astrology for self-love.

Astrology offers people an objective way to validate and express with words what they subjectively and intuitively know already on the inside. Conversely, it gives people a path toward learning and seeing themselves in ways they couldn’t before. It is the ultimate tool for self-understanding and self-love.

It is a tool for understanding the inherent connectivity we all share with the universe. By witnessing the archetypes or energies at play in events, people, companies, societies, groups, etc. we realize both the uniqueness and sameness of different people and things.

The idea that every single moment in time has qualities impressed upon it, is also the idea that the universe is literally alive and speaking to us at all times.

This assumes the belief that all life is meaningful.

This universe has both dark and light and thus it expresses both dark and light on the creatures living in it. All potentials are possible. Astrology is not the only tool for spiritual and psychological growth, but it is an absolutely fantastic one! Knowing that we are all born of a certain moment in time that contains certain characteristics, both light and shadow, assumes the meaningfulness of our place in the world.

Nobody can view the world in exactly the same way we do. No one can show, teach, or share in exactly the same way we do. No one will follow the exact same path of growth that we do.

By looking at the archetypes and energies of our chart we can see & understand the situations we are meant to learn from, and the spiritual & psychological energies we are here to develop and engage with. We are not all born to learn the exact same lessons in the exact same way, but we are all born so that our spirits can continue to learn and grow.

Astrology can offer us a pathway into the darkness, into our shadows. Simultaneously, it can illuminate the parts of ourselves that are shining so brightly, that everyone can see them.