Tracking Your Ascendant Ruler

Greetings astro friends!

I truly believe that one of the most useful techniques in astrology is learning about your ascendant ruler and tracking it in real time as it moves through the sky. I love the topic of ascendant rulers, which I always discuss in my one-on-one astrology chart consultations.

I recently wrote a new article all about this topic for Astrology University, an online astrology school. I've linked the article for you here:

Ascendant Ruler Transits
by Destiny Rogers You’ll find that tracking your ascendant ruling planet in real-time as it interacts with your natal chart will correlate with events and changes in your life. These could be changes in what you’re interested in, challenges you face, opportunities that come up in your life, or new inner desires. These shifts can […]
Happy Transit Tracking!