The Astrological New Year

The Astrological New Year

Pisces and the Season of Endings

Pisces season (late February to late March) marks the end of the sun's journey through the zodiac, approximately 365 days. This zodiac sign symbolizes endings. This is an energetically aligned time for release, renewal, and rest before the astrological new year begins! Rejuvenating yourself during this time of the year ensures you have the energy to spring forward at the next part of the cycle. Trust me, you want to save your energy for Aries season. Spend time being creative, getting inspired, and getting in touch with your spiritual or mystical side. Think of this as a mental and spiritual cleanse at the end of the zodiacal year. If you've been taking more naps, daydreaming, getting lost in music & movies, or practicing some form of art, you are simply in tune with the cosmos!

The energy of Pisces at its best is compassionate, empathetic, and forgiving, and represents unconditional love for all beings. If there is something you are holding onto that is no longer serving you, there is no better time than when the Sun is lighting up this mutable water sign to forgive yourself and others. You'll have a much better start to your year if you do!

At its worst, you may notice the energy of this sign causing a desire to escape reality. There's nothing solid to hold onto when you're swimming in mutable water. It can feel like the relentless waves of life are pushing you to and fro' and those of us with a strong Pisces energy in our chart may have a desire to just let go and let Mother Ocean take us away.

This is why it's so helpful during Pisces season to get lost in something creative or inspiring. We have to learn, like the fishes, to surrender to the currents of life that are out of our control. We have to find our natural ebb and flow. During Pisces season, focus on whatever brings you solace and peace. The ability to truly get lost in a reality of our own or one we have created is why so many great creatives were born under this sign - Smokey Robinson, Rihanna, Daniel Craig, Jon Bon Jovi, Erykah Badu, & Justin Beiber just to name a few!
Pisces is symbolized by two fishes swimming in opposite directions. Navigating confusion and contradictory states of mind is a natural part of Piscean energy. If you have felt unclear, unmotivated, or like you are not moving forward, Aries season can be just what you need to take a clear, step forward.

Aries season and bold beginnings

The sun moves into the sign of Aries on March 20th, 2023 at 2:24 pm PDT. For astrologers, Aries season marks the true beginning of the new year. We wake off the sleepy, dreamy energy of the fishes and feel the powerful, enterprising energy of the ram. This time is energetically aligned for new starts and courageous new beginnings. If your imagination has run wild during Pisces season, now is the time to take action on those inspired dreams! There is no better time than when the sun is in a cardinal fire sign to boldly go where you dare not go before.

This makes a TON of sense if you pay any attention to the cycles of nature around you. In the northern hemisphere, the period of late March to late April is when plants and trees begin to grow again. Symbolically (and literally), Aries season is a time of growth and planting seeds. It marks the time when winter is officially over and spring has begun! Hello Spring Equinox!
Aries is symbolized by the Ram. We can interpret this as clear, direct energy to charge forward toward our goals and drive straight through any obstacles that are in our way.

Being Fearless at the Aries New Moon

We will have a new moon in this dynamic sign on March 21st, 2023 at 10:23 am PDT. Following the phases of the moon is a great way to engage in a regular manifestation practice and reach your goals more quickly. New moons are the most aligned time in the monthly lunar cycle to set intentions for what you want to achieve. Combine the energy of this daring sign with the new moon phase and what do you get? A manifestation powerhouse. The best thing is, this happens every year! If you're struggling with some resolutions that you set in January, now is a great time to put your energy and thought power back into those goals!

This is a great time to do something you have always wanted to do! Aries is a sign that can be impulsive at its worst, but amazingly spontaneous at its best. If you have a goal or desire, but fear is holding you back, harnessing the energy of this new moon can be just what you need to take a leap of faith! The energy of Aries has a self-confidence that we can all use at times in our life.

Harness the Energy of the New Moon in Aries & Celebrate The Astrological New Year

Spending time around a fire on or near the New Moon in Aries and feeling the sensation of heat warm your body is a great way to step into your power and connect with the energy of this archetype. (Remember, we all have Aries somewhere within our astrological birth chart.) Aries is also a sign of physicality. Doing an activity that produces heat in the body from within is another way to celebrate this time and jumpstart your manifestation abilities at this new moon. Try a martial arts class online or go for a vigorous hike or biking session! If you're big into journaling and writing down intentions on new moons then doing this around a candle or incense is another idea and speaking these intentions out loud in a forceful, Aries manner will empower your mind & spirit.

Quotes From 5 Aries to Help You Kickstart Aries Season

"You don't get to do over parts or go back and change your path. Your life is decided by your character and the decisions you make in the moment. "
-Jackie Chan
"I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass."
-Maya Angelou
"Your moment of clarity comes when you face your fears."
-Chaka Khan
"Never be afraid to be kicked in the teeth. Let the blood and the bruises define your legacy."
-Lady Gaga
"Clear intentions and clear purpose begets clear results."
-Pharrell Williams

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