Saturn in Pisces Horoscopes

This is a great time to reflect on the transit of Saturn in Pisces and what this transit means for you! Saturn recently had a rendezvous in the sky with the Sun & Mercury and the planet of challenges and maturation will soon connect with Venus and Mars next.

We are just about 1 year into the 3-year-long transit for Saturn in Pisces. It's standard practice for astrologers to release horoscopes before the beginning of a transit to help prepare you for what's to come. However, we can often be unsure of what a planetary transit means for us until it is well underway or it is already over. Sometimes we may suspect certain things to come up during a planetary transit and we are completely wrong! That's because there are so many different ways for planetary transits to manifest in our lives. Horoscopes are not for predicting specific events that come up in your life- they are for understanding the nature of archetypal energies that become present in certain areas of your life. For these reasons, I've found it helpful to sometimes return to astrological predictions in the middle of a planetary transit or after it is over.

Additionally, longer outer planet transits (like a Saturn one) are further activated when faster-moving planets connect with them in the sky just as the Sun & Mercury have recently connected with Saturn in Pisces. This planetary conjunction may have recently shed light on how this Saturn transit is manifesting specifically for you.

The following video horoscopes are designed specifically for your astrological rising sign OR the astrological house with Pisces on the cusp (if you are not using whole sign houses)!

But first, watch this short but helpful general overview to better understand Saturn and the general nature of this transit.

Intro to Saturn Transits


*VIDEO CORRECTION 😅 - Mistake under 'length of Saturn transits.' Sorry, folks I misspoke here! Saturn will not retrograde back into Aquarius. It will move into Aries from May 25th, 2025 through August 31st, 2025. Then, while in retrograde motion, Saturn will move back into Pisces from September 1st, 2025 to February 2026.

WHOOPS, sorry. 😊

Dates for Saturn in Pisces:

  • March 7th, 2023 – May 24th, 2025
  • September 2025 - February 2026
  • Saturn's transits last about 2.5 years

The current transit of Saturn in Pisces may be more impactful for you if you:

  • have mutable placements such as Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces sun, moon, rising, or ascendant ruler.
  • are in your Saturn return (ages 28-30, 58-60).

Think of the people you know who have these zodiac signs and/or are in this age range who may be experiencing major life changes.

Helpful questions to help you reflect on your Saturn Transit:

What area of your life are you:

  • putting more effort into?
  • having issues with authority figures?
  • becoming an authority figure yourself?
  • reaping what you’ve sown?
  • being more realistic about?
  • implementing structures or boundaries?
  • becoming an expert at something?
  • experiencing roadblocks or delays?
  • is causing fear or depression?

Rising Sign Horoscopes for Saturn in Pisces

Be sure to leave a comment down below letting me know how transiting Saturn in Pisces is manifesting in your life! ♓

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